BSc (hons) MRSM MFHT

Carley has been a leading specialist in the holistic health industry for almost two decades and has helped over 30,000 people so far. With an academic background in the Social Sciences, and awards from Loughborough University for her research, Carley has always kept her industry knowledge and skills upgraded and continuously pushes her own level of understanding.

Through her own healing journey of reversing Multiple Sclerosis, Carley has first-hand practical experience of functional medicine and epigenetic approaches to health and wellbeing. Over the past 15 years Carley has grown a very successful clinical practise employing all of the techniques and modalities that she continues to use on a daily basis in her own life, now sharing her knowledge and good practise with people who are ready to take full responsibility of bring their own health back into balance.

My Own Healing Journey


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My Vision

Health, wellbeing and the effect that stress has on us, is one of the biggest challenges we all face. Unfortunately, many of us negate the value of our health until something breaks down or goes wrong. We tend to overestimate just how precious time is and ignore the fact that in 24 hours our entire world can change due to stress-related illnesses.

I share my story to serve as a reminder, as motivation and as a challenge for all of us, to put our health into a position of priority. By taking full responsibility of both our internal and external environments we are capable of not only healing, but of ultimate wellbeing and youthfulness. Functional approaches to health are pushing past previously accepted boundaries when it comes to illness and dis-ease and I for one am excited for the evolution of the medical industry that lays before us.

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