Raising Your Vibration

3 individual workshops £45 each
or can be booked as a package £120
20 tickets available

7 step series for helping you reach a brighter and more energised you.  We will be working through your 7 primary energy centres, learning what the symptoms are if centres are blocked and most importantly how to get them moving again. Join an intimate group of like minded people to help you make the most of you in 2024.

If you are feeling fearful or insecure – This series is for you.

If you are you having creatives blocks that are holding you back – This series is for you.

If you are struggling with low self-esteem, closed off from loved ones, unable to speak your truth, or lacking in direction – This series is for you.

Join us for 1 of these energy enhancing sessions or all three. With only limited places available so be quick!

Click here to book individual Workshops – £45 each

Click here to book Workshop Package – £120



Class Information

 Crowne Plaza Hotel
 Number of Week
 July 7th 2024