Here is a seat of stress for many, whether it be the dissatisfaction with the way they look or the inability to meet societies definitions of what beauty is. Not being comfortable in our own skin is often the root of self-hatred, self-chastising and negative self-chatter.


This section will focus on our connection to our self. Our goals, our dreams and our sense of value and purpose. Low self-image and low self-esteem is a seat of stress that too many people have that limits there fulfilment in life.


How we connect with others is a major seat of stress for many. Being surrounded by peers, family and maybe even friends who take us for granted, constantly drain our energy, and rarely give back is where setting healthy boundaries is an essential seat way to wellness.


Our environment reflects our inner state. Whether it be a cluttered home, a tired wardrobe or a messy desk at work, the external environment we place ourselves in has a direct impact on how well or not we feel.