BSc (hons) MRSM MFHT


There’s nothing like a life threatening diagnosis to put a little perspective on life, right? How true is the adage, we don’t know what we have until it’s gone? Or how about the one that says we never truly appreciate life until we’re looking death straight in the face. Do I believe everything happens for a reason, or that in every adversity is an equal advantage? You better believe it and here’s why.

Being paralysed will have you appreciating movement like you never have, losing your ability to string together a sentence creates a burning desire to express; and not being able to see, well that makes you grateful for even the greyest day. It’s an awful shame that we don’t automatically look at life through this brightly coloured lens, but hey I feel blessed that this has been my perspective since I was 23. Millions of us are given a life-altering diagnosis every day; for me, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1999. Unable to move the right hand side of my body, I couldn’t stand, walk or even go to the toilet on my own. Unable to hold a lucid conversation, my words were jumbled, incomprehensible and when they eventually left my lips they were slurred and uncomfortable to hear. I can’t even express how scary losing your sight is, because sometimes there just aren’t the words. But this is where my miracle begins, aged 23, facing no cure, no cause, no real treatment and what felt like no hope.


The question is, how many of us millions choose how we interpret our diagnosis, our labels, our so called limitations? How many of us take the official expectations of what life is going to be like and turn it on its head? Put a proverbial middle-finger up and say let me show you what you can do with that prognosis, that outlook, that expectation of my future.  I’m hoping that after reading this book there are far more of us.

These pages are for those who are questioning their official diagnosis, challenging popular expectations and choosing to redefine their ability to take control of their health and wellbeing. I’m writing this book to speak directly to those who have the strength, courage and conviction to take full responsibility for every aspect of their life, but primarily their health. I speak to those who have been told by everyone that they can’t, but have chosen to say “just watch me”.

We are the trailblazers, the boundary pushers, the new definers. Together, by sharing our stories, we are writing the future of medicine, of health and of just what our healing capabilities are. I’ll be honest, I’m so excited just typing these words, sharing my story, telling you my why; because I know, because I didn’t give up, because I decided to do things differently, because I reversed my diagnosis, you might do too.  Anything is possible and we are quite literally limitless. My story shows how I am not my diagnosis and neither are you.


My Own Healing Journey


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