The Science Behind Holistic Health

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While the modern Western holistic health movement has been around for several decades, the shift towards self-healing and the exploration of holistic methods has gained significant traction over the past couple of years. Holistic health practices help people take back accountability for their lifestyle and, by doing so, allows people to regain control of their health and well-being. Although some lifestyles may not require dramatic changes, holistic teachings encourage people to instil daily efforts in order to regain purpose and control.

Following a staggering increase in interest (60%) for the Google search term ‘holistic health’ over the previous month¹, we’ve developed a guide which highlights the top five key benefits a holistic health approach has to offer:

Improved habits and lifestyle changes

By entering a holistically healthy lifestyle, you must be ready to improve undesirable past habits and make the required lifestyle changes to be the best version of yourself. Improved habits may consist of slight changes such as waking up earlier without snoozing your alarm, drinking more water every day, and journaling daily or meditating. Each of these small changes of habit and lifestyle will make you more motivated and driven while releasing higher levels of serotonin in your body – ultimately, making you a more positive individual. 

Improved natural healing abilities 

Holistic medicine helps you connect with your body and its natural abilities; essentially, you will become more self-aware of your body and its needs. Likewise, being in touch with your body can prevent health problems from becoming too serious. Our bodies and minds are intimately connected; this is why people can often become ill after a few stressful days or can experience pain from conditions such as anxiety. 

Rather than relying on the healthcare system when there’s a problem, why not work on your well-being and prevent the problem before it occurs? By looking after your nutrition, taking natural remedies, meditating and journaling, you’re much more likely to experience less stress and become mentally and physically healthier. 

Holistic medicine is custom to the individual 

Each individual begins their holistic journey for different reasons. Therefore, each person will need a different treatment plan. The flexibility of a holistic health approach is excellent for those wanting to take an active role in their own health journey. There are many different options for holistic therapy and medicines. While these may include acupuncture or nutrition supplements, holistic medicine encompasses much more than that; it considers every aspect of the individual’s life to promote healing. If you’d like to understand your body better and discuss the best ways for you to practice holistic medicine, please book our one-hour clarity call.

Holistic medicine for chronic illnesses

If you’ve been dealing with a chronic illness for a long time and traditional medicine isn’t helping, holistic medicine may be your answer. Many chronic illnesses require a complete lifestyle change to see results; focusing on nutrition, sleep, relationships, and daily habits are all vital factors that can help improve the extent of chronic illness symptoms. Alongside these, herbal remedies and acupuncture are great ways of helping chronic pain. Instead of taking manufactured medication to target one area of your body to ‘get better’, holistic medicine will target every part of your being, healing and bettering your mind and body. 

If you’re suffering from a chronic illness and feel that a one-hour call isn’t enough, please email us and discuss booking a four-week reset to take back your diagnosis and become in control of your health.

Holistic approaches can be accessible and affordable

Many lifestyle changes to improve your health are free of cost and acts such as waking up earlier, getting more sleep, journaling, and meditation will all better your well-being without having a financial impact on your life. If you’d like guidance free of cost, there are meditation videos on Youtube or selected free apps. Another great way to begin your holistic health journey is by downloading our free Ways 2 Wellness workbook.

Holistic health puts the majority of health in the hands of the individual through mindful and informed choices, self-study, education, and a way of life that is in harmony with nature. Holistic health practitioners and modalities are constructed to support the individual in a whole-person healthy way of living. 

At Altered Health, we live by our own advice and would not recommend any medicines and treatments which haven’t already been tried and tested; this is how we can be confident to know the extent of how transformative holistic medicine can be.

If you’d like to know more about the holistic approach, sign up for one of our courses, order my book or book in a clarity call today. Alternatively, check out our social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, for expert insight into holistic health.



  1. Google Trends data for the term ‘holistic health’ correct as of March 2023.

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